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Great Examples of Fast Weight Loss Diets

Great Examples of Fast Weight Loss Diets

Some people are complaining that it is difficult for them to get slim since they only do it by means of dieting and working out. Thus, they looked for the different fast weight loss diets. They chose one of these and after some weeks, they noticed that their excess pounds were gone.

Hundreds of fast weight loss diets are available for those people who want to become sexy. Obviously, you are also interested with those diet plans. To give you an idea, the following are examples of fast weight loss diets that you can use in burning your extra fats.

Examples of Fast Weight Loss Diets:

  • Fat burners – they are also known as thermogenics. Fat burners as one of the fast weight loss diets provide several benefits for the individuals who would like to become slim. Aside from improving the capability of your body to burn its excess fats, they are also helpful in suppressing the appetite. These two actions of fat burners will encourage the rapid weight loss. Another advantage that you can get once you use them is that they will enhance your energy level so that you can do more work outs. Intensive working out is the best to burn more of your calories.
  •  Omega-3s, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid – these three are fats which are proven helpful in burning body fat. Your body requires some fat and consuming them will aid you to burn more calories to lose weight. These fats are present in foods yet taking CLA and GLA supplements might be proven to provide the best and positive result. Certain foods such as fish, salmon, nuts, mackerel, hazelnuts, walnuts and tuna are rich in Omerga-3s. You can also obtain this from fish oil as well as flaxseed which are available as supplements promoting healthy and balanced diet.
Great Examples of Fast Weight Loss Diets

Conjugated linoleic acid is present in the different meat and dairy products. CLA will help your body in burning fat and encourage muscle retention. Increasing the mass of your lean muscle is essential so that you can burn more of your fats even while you are resting. Gamma linoleic acid is recommended for the individuals who are 10 up to 20% obese. It can suppress your appetite and you can find it in evening primrose oil and in borage seed oil supplements.

  • Colon Cleansers – these cleansers as one of the fast weight loss diets have been taken by some celebrities who are searching for the means to lose weight fast. They are one of the most commonly used fast weight loss diets due to their utmost help in flushing out the toxins that result to instant 10 up to 20 pounds weight loss. Colon cleansers are famous because they will not require you to do proper diet and regular exercise so that you can get fast weight loss outcomes.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes – this is also a great example of the fast weight loss diets. They could help you lose weight fast as they are intended to replace your meals. These are good source of protein, fats and carbohydrates which are very important to your body.

These are just some of the fast weight loss diets available in the internet. They are very beneficial and they can give fast results when it comes to losing weight. Additionally, you have to consult your doctor first to know among the fast weight loss diets is the best for you.

HCG Diet Plan: The Truth About It

HCG Diet Plan: The Truth About It

There have been various options these days about losing weight. The natural ways are about diet and exercise which can also be reinforced with diet supplements available almost everywhere. However, if it is only possible to lose weight even without trying so hard, people who are dying to reach the goal would grab every chance to get a hold of it. Several diet plans have been discovered in the past. The Dukan, for example, involves eating lean protein and oat bran only. The South Beach diet means eating low-carbohydrate containing foods. With the Atkins Diet, you have to radically reduce carbohydrates in your diet. And the Master Cleanse requires you to follow a liquid diet composed mainly of lemon or lime juice.
This time, there is the newest weapon in the American radar today, known as the HCG diet Plan. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women to help the baby grow. It has been used for various medical purposes and it has also been found to have a weigh gaining effect in men and weight loosing effect on women. The following are facts about what HCG diet plan does:

  • Theoretically, the HCG suppresses appetite and allows the body to use up the stored fats. HCG dieters are restricted to eat foods containing only 500-600      calories per day with mostly unprocessed, organic foods with the compliment of HCG injections or serum drops sublingually. You need to note that the oral drops only contain very little amount of HCG. If you follow the plan religiously for 45 days, you will have your metabolism fixed and you will lose pounds every day, like what the advertisements are claiming.
HCG Diet Plan: The Truth About It
  • Diet and Nutrition experts negate this because they believe that you will lose weight unhealthily because it only causes low-calorie contents in your body than what is necessary and it’s only more like a starvation diet, not about the HCG.
  • Though it may appear to be an effective weight-loss mechanism, there are no scientific claims to this HCG function.
  • The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 1995 protested the irrelevance of HCG to losing weight. American Society of Bariatric Physicians in December 2009 also supports the fact that HCG has nothing to do with losing weight. Stephen Barrett, M.D also told WebMD that HCG doesn’t aid weight loss. FDA also claims that HCG doesn’t appear in Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, which means that HCG isn’t homeopathic at all. The Federal Trade of Commission and FDA cracked down companies and manufacturers claiming that HCG actually loses weight.
  • The price is exorbitant. It’s just a waste of money because you just might not get the worthy thing. You don’t even want to harm yourself from the potential health risks. From the side-effects of the products itself, to the self-administration of the injections, and the nutritional deficiencies it only is causing that appears to be the seeming culprit of losing weight. Virtually, it is impossible for you to meet your nutritional needs following a 500-600 calorie per day diet in 45 days.