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The Top 3 Benefits of High Protein Diet

The Top 3 Benefits of High Protein Diet

While taking in high protein in your body have a certain and healthy benefit for effective and efficient weight loss because protein has a greater capacity to satisfy hunger than carbohydrates and fats, there’s more to high protein diet than just losing weight. You will find in this article the top 3 benefits of high protein in your diet in terms of cardiovascular benefits, hormones, and metabolic rates.

Metabolic Rate

The intake of protein has a positive declaration of benefits in the body. Since the entire food intake in the body involves the metabolic process, all the macronutrients trigger metabolism. The consumption of protein is twice in metabolic augmentation than in the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, a high intake of protein triggers greater calorie burning rate and fat loss.

Research shows that when one person is dieting, this kind of change in metabolism increases the expenditure of calorie in the body thus increasing the fat loss. There is higher requirement for protein intake in a low calorie diet especially during exercise.

The Top 3 Benefits of High Protein Diet

Athletes find eating more to gain more muscle and weight. Probably, it is more beneficial to eat foods rich in protein than carbohydrates because a high protein dietbuilds up muscle and lean weight and not fat. Whereas in just overeating there will be muscle gain but it would also involve fat increase.

Consuming extra protein in the diet improve metabolic rate, promotes necessary weight loss and equilibrium of nutrients. Since protein necessitates more metabolic processes than carbohydrates and fats, it only means that through protein metabolic increases are better than any other. Research found and advices a higher intake of protein than that of fats and carbohydrates.


Aside from effective calorie burning and weight loss, the high protein diet also aids in the release of the hormone called glucagon. Insulin acts to prevent fat tissue loss from the adipose tissue. Glucagon counteracts insulin. Glucagon also functions to diminish the enzymes responsible for making fats and lessens the fat storage in the body.

Therefore, a high consumption of protein causes loss of fats in the body. During the high consumption of protein, there is a manifestation that the increase of fat build up is very small.

Risk for Cardiovascular Diseases

The third benefit of high protein diet is a low risk for acquiring any cardiovascular diseases. Consuming high percentage of protein in your diet and consuming a low percentage of carbohydrates and fats can have cardiovascular health advantages. If you augment you protein consumption from 11%-23% of you normal consumption, there will be beneficial alteration in your blood lipids which has a greater factor for acquiring a cardiovascular disease.

So here are the top three benefits of a higher consumption of protein in the diet, even if this may seem too much for many. There will be further research related to these three benefits to be expounded, but until the researches have been fulfilled, so far all the benefactors and followers of this type of diet such as bodybuilders, athletes, have positive reviews.